Motivation and
Creativity with
Peer Review

Let large groups of students pitch creative video's, blogs,
presentations and more! And let them motivate each other and
review each other's work

Motivation and Creativity with Peer Review

Let large groups of students pitch creative video’s, blogs, presentations and more! And let them motivate each other and review each other’s work


Students submit a pitch in which they explain an idea, perspective, plan or project; or in which they demonstrate a skill.

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Peer review

Students see each other’s pitches and are assigned to peer review a number of pitches on criteria such as ‘arguments’ or ‘originality’.

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Students can give awards to each other’s pitches, such as motivating likes, ratings or different types of medals.

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How to use Pitch2Peer in your own course?

Example pitches

Posters with highlights from a literature study

Elevator pitches of a marketing campaign proposals based on literature

Peer feedback on intake interview skills in Psychology

Sharing reflections after each lecture, simply recorded with a webcam

Peer feedback on lab skills and procedures

Sharing slideshows with preliminary results, getting peer feedback before actually presenting to a company.

Presentations of project results

Creating knowledge clips with animations

Writing creative blogs on course topics

Practicing teaching and getting peer feedback on clarity and teacher-learner interaction.

What students say about Pitch2Peer

“Being able to view the pitches at home helps to take your time and give (and receive) better feedback.”

“Re-watching the videos helps with giving better feedback compared to seeing a presentation in class only once.”

“Giving and receiving feedback is very helpful, especially because the teacher gave specific pointers to give feedback on. It made the feedback much more concrete and therefore useful.”

“It helps a lot to re-watch your own presentation because you can see your weak and strong points.”

“I think it is great: you learn ten times more from the feedback you receive, but have to spend fewer hours on it at the same time.”

“You can view and listen to the presentations, and when things move to quickly, you can just press ‘pause’ to take your time watching the presentation.”

“You are required to write a review, so you have watch the presentation critically. You can also get a lot of points of improvement by watching other presentations, and you get points of improvement from the reviews written by the other teams”

What teachers say about blended learning with Pitch2Peer

Janice Sandjojo MSc.

Students learn to think critically and to give feedback by writing peer reviews. As a result students receive more constructive feedback. This makes them more involved and engaged in the course, allowing them to learn a lot about a variety of disorders known within Bio- an neuropsychology.

Read more at at Surf Onderwijs op maat.

Janice Sandjojo MSc.Leiden University, Psychology (Posters, 500+ students)
Dr. Kim Beerden

Pitch2Peer is easy to use, very intuitive for teachers. Also, I think, that using Pitch2Peer may in the end save you time: when students give each other feedback they already point each other to the basic flaws in their work. This allows me, as a teacher, to focus my feedback much more on in-depth aspects.

(See more in video below)

Dr. Kim BeerdenLeiden University, History (Blogs, elevator pitches, 20 students)
Prof. Mr. Dirk Visser

As a lawyer you need to work a lot with text, writing is an important skill. However, being able to present your ideas in a more visual way is a very useful skill as well. Explaining your thoughts in front of the camera requires you to really understand what you are talking about. In Pitch2Peer students create pitches that are fun to watch and also fun and educational to create.

(See more in video below)

Prof. Mr. Dirk VisserLeiden University, Faculty of Law (Video pitches, 72 students)
Drs. Joan van den Ende

In our master program “Learning and Innovation” we use Pitch2Peer to involve the workplace in evaluating learning setups made by our students. Students select colleagues who give feedback on their (intermediate) products on criteria set by us. This results in valuable input allowing to further refine the design. In addition, we, as teachers, get an overview of the value of the learning setups for the organisations our students are currently working.

Drs. Joan van den EndeLecturer and coach at Master Learning and Innovation (Aeres / Stoas Hogeschool)

Leiden University Pilot (Proeftuin) Results

Leiden University has run a university-wide pilot in 2015-2016 with 29 courses, 26 teachers and 3000 students. The pilot has been a great success. After evaluating the pilot the ICT-O department presented the following results:

  • 100% of the teachers who used Pitch2Peer in the pilot wants to use it more often. In addition, a large majority of the students was enthusiastic about the tool
  • Pitch2Peer has shown a clear didactic added value: engaging active learning by students, and acquiring new skills such as presenting and giving feedback
  • By using Pitch2Peer teachers and students can spend in-class time more effectively
  • Pitch2Peer motivates both teachers and students
  • Pitch2Peer can be used in a large variety of courses and assignments

More information (Dutch) at: http://icto.leidenuniv.nl/blended-learning/proeftuin-pitch2peer

How to use Pitch2Peer in your own course?

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